Published: 07/09/2017 17:00 - Updated: 07/09/2017 14:09

Tips for safer driving on the North Coast 500

Written byKenny MacDonald


David Stewart
MSP David Stewart gears up for road safety with Tesco Extra's Liz Sutherland.

MOTORISTS are being urged to be more careful on single-track roads in the Highlands.

Highlands and Islands MSP David Stewart and Tesco stores  in Inverness have teamed up to promote better driving with a leaflet detailing dos and don’ts which will be distributed throughout the supermarket chain’s local filling stations network.

Mr Stewart said: "I thought the time was right to provide an educational leaflet which will be helpful to those unfamiliar with driving on such roads, particularly on the North Coast 500 route.

"And it can also help remind local drivers to be more aware and even be less selfish on the roads."

He added: "All the members of NC500 membership will get a leaflet too and there are 1000 printed, with another 1000 to come.

"We are all very grateful to Tesco for taking the initiative with this.

"And, with tourism as our number one industry and the growing numbers of visitors to the area, it’s a good time to highlight the problems with single-track roads.

"I’d also like to thank VisitScotland for supporting this initiative too through their i-information centres.

"We just want to highlight the dos and don’ts of the road.

"For instance, a couple of weeks ago I saw a car parked over in a passing place with people taking pictures and having sandwiches!

"They didn’t know it was a passing place and thought it was a lay-by.

"Incidents like that can cause problems on single-track roads, particularly when bigger, heavy vehicles are then forced to reverse long distances to find another passing place."

Mr Stewart said of the leaflet: "The four dos on the single-track road are: always keep left, do stop to let vehicles pass, do stop and wait at a passing place and do notice passing places and reverse!

"The don’ts are: do not cross to the right, don’t create a queue, don’t drive or park on the verge and don’t make others reverse a long way.

"The front of the leaflet contains a picture of a single-track road in the Highlands with sheep and lambs on it with the text, ‘Be aware of your surroundiings and other road users including pedestrians, cyclists, motorbikes, livestock and other vehicles’.

"And on the rear is the four dos and don’ts we are trying to get across to motorists."

Liz Sutherland, community champion with Tesco Extra, said: "We hope this leaflet will benefit many drivers, particularly those who are visiting the area."

Mr Stewart disclosed that there were ongoing talks to produce leaflets in different languages for the large number of tourists coming to Inverness and the surrounding areas.

He said: "It has been suggested that it would be a great benefit to the tourists visiting here if these leaflets were put into various foreign languages and it’s one to think of."

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