Published: 18/05/2018 19:00 - Updated: 18/05/2018 10:54

Three crashes at junction in just three days

Written byNeil MacPhail


Tower Road
The scene of the accident in Tower Road on Wednesday morning.

A SERIES of crashes at an Inverness junction in recent days has led to growing concerns it is becoming an accident blackspot.

There was a two-vehicle smash on Wednesday night in Tower Road at its junction with Caulfield Road, following on from similar bumps two days earlier and on Sunday.

The junction concerned is only 500 yards from the Tower Road-Culloden Road junction which was previously branded "the most dangerous junction in Inverness and possibly the Highlands" after it was the scene of 33 crashes in a 36-month period.

Local councillor Duncan Macpherson, who levelled the charge, captured images of Wednesday’s crash, which he shared on social media.

"It is becoming an accident blackspot and I believe there have been several near misses too," he said, adding that he believed council traffic officers and planners had improvement plans in the works for the junction.

"I hope is that this will have a knock-on effect and slow traffic approaching the Caulfield Road junction," he said.

A woman claiming to live in the vicinity and witnessing many crashes there shared her own theory about the accidents in response to Cllr Macpherson’s post.

Michelle Arris said: "There are always accidents here. When people are turning left off Culloden Road into Tower Road it is a sweeping corner so most car indicators don’t go off automatically. This means cars coming out of Caulfield Road think the car approaching is turning left down Caulfield Road.

"People need to manually cancel their indicators once they are on Tower Road."

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