Published: 19/07/2012 16:50 - Updated: 19/07/2012 17:07

Man arrested as cops uncover cannabis factory near Inverness

Written byBy Jenna Conti

Police are investigating an assault in Kiltarlity
Police have seized a cannabis cultivation worth an estimated £100,000

POLICE have uncovered a cannabis factory near Inverness.

Cops swooped on a house and found cannabis being cultivated with an estimated street value of £100,000.

Officers said the raid recovered a commercial sized cultivation of the drug from the property, located just off the A96 at Gollanfield, between Inverness and Nairn.

A South-East Asian man has been arrested and is the subject of a report to Procurator Fiscal in connection with the seizure.

Officers are still at the property today carrying out further inquiries.

Now residents in all areas of the Highlands and Islands are urged to use their natural senses to look out for the following signs, which may indicate the presence of cannabis cultivations:

* Blacked out windows, occasionally with condensation on them, or curtains or blinds are permanently closed;

* Premises appear unoccupied most of the time, but people often of South-East Asian appearance may be seen visiting late at night or into the early hours;

* Visitors to the premises may be seen bringing in building supplies and/or gardening equipment, which may be carried in boxes or suitcases;

* A low level hum or a loud buzzing sound caused by fans or extraction systems;

* A strong, sweet distinctive smell;

* Unusual levels of heat coming through walls and floors, which may be more noticeable in flats.

People may not notice all of these signs together, but are urged to report anything that appears out of the ordinary or suspicious.

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