Published: 25/07/2012 11:37 - Updated: 25/07/2012 16:10

Police issue scam call warning in the Highlands

Written byBy Helen Bushnell

Phone scamPOLICE are warning Highland householders not to give out any details to scam cold callers claiming to be from their bank.

Northern Constabulary is urging householders, particularly the elderly, not to give out any details to fraudsters claiming to be from their bank, especially bank account numbers, passwords and other sensitive information.

Callers are now asking householders to provide their IBAN number to confirm their identity and make it clear that they do not require their bank account details. An IBAN number is found at the top of bank statements, but actually provides the bank sort code and account number to these callers.

Police say people should exercise extreme caution in relation to any telephone calls they may receive in relation to their bank accounts. They say banks don’t normally ask for details of accounts, passwords, PIN codes or IBAN numbers and would never discuss such details on the telephone.

If people are in any doubt about whether a call in genuine, they should take the name and phone number of the caller and call the police. Northern Constabulary added that some of the callers are providing the real numbers for the banks in an effort to make the call appear genuine.

If you receive such a call, police advised that it’s best to terminate the call and contact your bank through a genuine number which can be found on a bank statement.

Anyone who believes they may have been a victim of fraud, should contact their local police station on 0845 600 5703 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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