Published: 15/08/2012 09:20 - Updated: 15/08/2012 09:26

Naked Inverness man performed sex act in glass porch of house

Court stock picA MAN exposed himself and performed a sex act while standing naked in a porch at his grandmother’s home in the Raigmore housing estate in Inverness.

Liam Mackenzie was spotted by a schoolgirl in Mackintosh Road who ran to her mother and reported what she had witnessed.

He was then seen by the mum and also a man in a block of flats opposite.

Mackenzie (23) of St Valery Avenue, landed in Inverness Sheriff Court, admitted on May 3 in a glass porch at an address in Mackintosh Road committing an offence of public indecency by exposing himself.

Depute fiscal Ian Smith said the property belonged to Mackenzie’s grandmother and he was doing some work on it while she was away.

He was seen by the child standing naked in the porch applying baby oil and using equipment to perform a sex act on himself.

The fiscal told Sheriff Ian Abercrombie the child, who had been standing in a stairwell in a block of flats on the opposite side of the road, ran to her mother who also witnessed what Mackenzie was doing.

"She was disgusted and alarmed because her daughter had seen it. She leaned out of the window and shouted at the accused. Mackenzie was startled by the shout and went back into the house."

Mr Mackenzie said the incident occurred about 6.15 in the evening.

A man in the flats overlooking the house also saw what was happening.

Mr Smith said the blinds were fully open and Mackenzie was looking up and down the road.

Police were called and arrived about 7.14pm and spoke to the witnesses before going to the house where Mackenzie committed the offence.

"At that time he was in his boxer shorts and he was arrested," the fiscal added.

"When interviewed by the police he admitted he committed the offence in order to obtain sexual gratifciation.

Mr Smith said Mackenzie told police: "It was the fear of getting caught that was the kick."

Defence agent William Young said reports would be needed before sentencing and he wished to reserve his plea of mitigation until then.

Sheriff Abercrombie deferred sentence until September 27.

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