Published: 18/04/2014 11:38 - Updated: 18/04/2014 11:54

Mystery of Inverness Marina UFO solved

Written byLaurence Ford

The drone pictured in flight over the marina.
The drone pictured in flight over the marina.

THERE was a lot of head scratching in the vicinity of Inverness Marina this morning with the sudden appearance of what appeared to be a UFO.

Baffled members of the public watched in amazement as the machine, looking like some giant flying insect, hovered over the yachts at their moorings before soaring into the sky at high speed.

But a couple of phone calls from the editorial department of the Highland News soon elicited that it was, in fact, an unmanned photographic drone.

It is from the range of Stratos Unmanned Aerial Systems, and is used by the Inverness-based company HCVF Television based in Wells Street.

Using the drone allows HCVF to film buildings and other locations – such as golf courses – at ground level right up to aerial shots from its maximum allowed flying height of 400 feet providing high quality video and stills footage.

On this occasion Highland News photographer Gary Anthony turned the tables on the "spy in the sky" capturing a photograph of it as it went through its aerial activities.
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