Published: 11/11/2017 13:00 - Updated: 10/11/2017 10:41

Inverness hoodies will warm refugees in Greece

Written byNicole Webber


Inverness Royal Academy pupils and staff with some of the hoodies already donated for a Highland refugee charity.

FREEZING refugees will feel the benefit of Inverness kindness as pupils bundle away bags of their old school hoodies.

Following a change to the uniform in Inverness Royal Academy, big-hearted pupils and teachers made the decision to collect in the surplus jumpers so that they can be sent to refugee camps abroad.

More than 15 black bags of jumpers and warm clothing have been handed over to the Highlands Support Refugees centre in Conan Bridge.

The warm clothing  has been sorted into sizes and will be shipped in a container to a refugee camp on a Greek island.

The Chios Eastern Response Team (CESRT) that  assist refugees on the island have made an urgent appeal for help and in response a container will leave the Highlands tomorrow.

A spokeswoman for Highlands Support Refugees said: "Although we don’t hear about it on the news, the crisis in Greece and elsewhere is still ongoing.

"Boats are still arriving daily, often in the dark. Volunteers are still helping cold, wet, terrified people out of the water, including many families with children.

"CESRT desperately need blankets and warm clothes to keep people dry and warm."

Pupils in Inverness Royal Academy worked hard to get the hoodies collected and sorted in time for the shipment leaving.

The idea for collecting the hoodies came from the school’s refugee week earlier in the year where students learnt about the crisis and held a clothing drive to help the charitable organisation.

Jenny Delmonte is a teacher at the school and has been helping the students with collections.

Mrs Delmonte added: "It seemed like a great way to show the kids that what they don’t use can be of value to other people who are in tougher circumstances.

"We were also trying to teach them about sustainability and helping others – even in the most simple ways like donating old clothes."

During the school’s refugee week the pupils were visited by teenage refugees that now live in the Highlands, They took part in a Q&A session with the pupils and this further encouraged them to help the cause.

"It is a really easy way to make a difference," Mrs Delmonte said.

"They really enjoy helping and I think they would encourage other people to donate – many people do not know how simple it is to make a difference with the Highlands Support Refugees group."

Visit to find out more about donating.

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