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Highland Council election results

The Highland Council election count at Inverness Leisure Centre.
The Highland Council election count at Inverness Leisure Centre.

DESPITE a recount drama in Cromarty Firth ward in the Highland Council elections, there is no party or group with an overall majority and a coalition administration will have to be formed.

The SNP has been the biggest winners with 22 councillors elected, five more than the last election in 2007, while the Independents have returned 35 candidates.

Labour increased its group to eight councillors, two more than last time out but it was the Liberal Democrats who suffered the most with only 15 candidates returned, six less than the last election.

The biggest casualties losing their seats were former Inverness provost Bob Wynd in Culloden and Ardersier and Pauline Munro in Inverness West.

Richard Durham, chairman of the North FIre Board which had been in the grip of a crisis over serious shortings in the fire service, was also ousted from in Tain and Easter Ross seat.

Only 41 per cent of the region’s electorate of 176,226 people voted in yesterday’s elections.

That is a 5 per cent drop from the last local authority elections in 2007 when there was an average turnout of 46.3 per cent.

The count is to started at 9am in Inverness after ballot boxes were delivered from polling stations across the region overnight.

Returned as councillors are:



Ward 13 - Aird and Loch Ness

SNP council group leader Drew Hendry is re-elected.
SNP council group leader Drew Hendry is re-elected.

Helen Carmichael (Independent)

Margaret Davidson (Independent)

Drew Hendry (SNP)

Hamish Wood (Liberal Democrats)

Electorate 8,999

Turn out 45.56%

Not elected - George Cruickshank (Scottish Conservatives), Fred Pidcock (UK Independence Party), Mike Robb (Labour), Robert Stewart (SNP).







Ward 20 - Inverness South

SNP's Ken Gowans - elected today to overcome blow of losing by just 7 votes in last year's by-election.
SNP's Ken Gowans - elected today to overcome blow of losing by just 7 votes in last year's by-election.

Carolyn Caddick (Liberal Democrats)

Jim Crawford (Independent)

Ken Gowans (SNP)

Thomas Prag (Liberal Democrats)

Electorate 9,479

Turn out 36.48%

Not elected – David Bonsor (Scottish Conservatives), Bill Boyd (SNP), Donald Boyd (Scottish Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship"), Katherine Mackenzie (Scottish Labour).






Ward 18 - Culloden and Ardersier

Former Inverness provost Bob Wynd (SNP) is a shock casualty, losing his seat.
Former Inverness provost Bob Wynd (SNP) is a shock casualty, losing his seat.

Roddy Balfour (Independent)

John Ford (Scottish Labour)

Glynis Sinclair (SNP)

Kate Stephen (Liberal Democrats)

Electorate 8,606

Turn out = 40.43%

Not elected — Alex Stephen (Scottish Conservatives); Bill Jamieson (Independent); Donnie Macleod (Scottish Green Party); David McGrath (Independent); Bob Wynd (SNP).





Ward 17 - Inverness Millburn

Inverness provost Jimmy Gray re-elected.
Inverness provost Jimmy Gray re-elected.

Ian George Brown (SNP)

Jimmy Gray (Scottish Labour)

Ken MacLeod (Liberal Democrats)

Electorate 6,377

Turn out 40.08%

Not elected — Peter Saggers (Scottish Conservatives); Clark Walls (Scottish Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship"); Anne Thomas (Scottish Green Party)







Ward 16 - Inverness Ness-side

Norrie Donald (Independent) re-elected in Inverness Ness-side.
Norrie Donald (Independent) re-elected in Inverness Ness-side.

Alasdair Christie (Liberal Democrats)

Norrie Donald (Independent)

Fraser Parr (Scottish Labour)

Jean Slater (SNP)

Electorate 6659.

Turnout 42.3 per cent.

Not elected — Peter Guthrie (Scottish Conservative and Unionist); Alasdair Moodie (Scottish Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship"); John West (Independent).







Ward 14 - Inverness West

SNP councillor Pauline Munro has lost the seat she held seat on Highland Council
SNP councillor Pauline Munro has lost her Inverness West seat she held seat.

Allan Duffy (SNP)

Alex Graham (Liberal Democrats)

Graham Ross (Independent)

Electorate: 6,659

Turn out: 37.74 per cent

Not elected — Mary Fraser (Scottish Conservative and Unionist); Alan Petitt (Scottish Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship"); Robert Ford (Scottish Labour Party); George MacDonald (Scottish Anti-Cuts Coalition); Pauline Munro (SNP)







Ward 15 - Inverness Central

Re-elected Donnie Kerr, one of two SNP winners in Inverness Central.
Re-elected Donnie Kerr, one of two SNP winners in Inverness Central.

Janet Campbell (Independent)

Donnie Kerr (SNP)

Richard Laird (SNP)

Bet McAllister (Scottish Labour)

Electorate 9,251

Turn out 36.19%

Not-elected - Angus Dick (Liberal Democrats); Ray Doctor (Scottish Conservatives); Rich Omand (Scottish Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship")









Ward 19 - Nairn

SNP's Liz MacDonald - re-elected in Nairn.
SNP's Liz MacDonald - re-elected in Nairn.

Laurie Fraser (Independent)

Michael Green (Independent)

Colin John Macaulay (SNP)

Liz MacDonald (SNP)

Electorate 9,136

Turn out 43.91%

Not elected — Graham Marsden (Liberal Democrats); Rossie MacRae (Scottish Conservatives); Ritchie Cunningham (Independent); Ashley Broadbent (Scottish Labour).




Ward 7 – Cromarty Firth
Mike Finlayson (Independent)
Martin Rattray (Liberal Democrats)
Maxine Smith (SNP)
Carolyn Wilson (Independent)
Electorate 9,456
Turn out 35.1%
Not elected – Sheila Fletcher (SNP), John MacInnes (Scottish Labour), Tina McCaffery; Jane Rous (Scottish Conservatives).


Ward 9 - Dingwall and Seaforth

Graham Alexander MacKenzie (SNP)

Alister Mackinnon (Independent)

Angela MacLean (Liberal Democrats)

Margaret Paterson (Independent)

Electorate 9,256

Turn out 39.04%

Not-elected – Peter Cairns (SNP), David John Chisholm (Independent), John Robert Erskine (Scottish Labour), David James Forbes (Scottish Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship"), Fred Lees (Independent), Matthew MacDonald Scottish Conservatives)


Ward 10 - Black Isle

David Alston (Liberal Democrats)

Billy Barclay (Independent)

Craig Alexander Fraser (SNP)

Isobel McCallum (Independent)

Electorate 8,205

Turn out 51.92%

Not elected – Myra Carus (Scottish Green Party), Pamela Cornwell (Scottish Conservatives), Morris Mackenzie Downie; Paul Horwood (Scottish Christian Party), Michael Macmillan (Scottish Labour).


Ward 8 - Tain and Easter Ross

Alasdair Rhind (Independent)

Fiona Robertson (Independent)

Jamie Stone (Liberal Democrats)

Electorate 7051

Turn out 44.05%

Not elected - Richard Durham (Independent), Charlie Falconer (SNP), Sean Alexander Robertson (Scottish Anti-Cuts Coalition), David Rutherford (Scottish Conservatives), Ron Stevenson (Scottish Labour).


Ward 6 - Wester Ross, Strathpeffer and Lochalsh

Biz Campbell (Liberal Democrats)

Ian Cockburn (SNP)

Richard Greene (Independent)

Audrey Sinclair (Independent)

Electorate 9612

Turn out 44.45%

Not elected – Alaine Macdonald (Scottish Conservatives), Richard Mitchell (Independent), Paul Monaghan (SNP).


Ward 11 - Eilean a’ Cheò (Skye)

Hamish Fraser (Independent),

John R Gordon (Independent),

Drew Millar (Liberal Democrats),

Ian Renwick (SNP).

Electorate 8,161

Turn out 44.22%

Not elected – John Crews (Scottish Conservatives), Andrew Mackintosh (Scottish Labour), Moira Elisobeth Scobbie (Independent).



Ward 21 Badenoch and Strathspey

Jaci Douglas (Independent)

David Fallows (SNP)

Bill Lobban (SNP)

Gregor Rimell (Lib Dem)

Electorate 10,348

Turnout 42.8%

Not elected - Les Durance (Scottish Conservatives), Ross Scott Durance (UK Independence Party), Kieran James Turner (Labour).


Ward 12 - Caol and Mallaig

Bill Clark (Independent)

Allan Henderson (Independent)

Eddie Hunter (Independent)

Electorate 6752

Turn out 41.74%

Not elected – George Mitchell Kerr (Independent), Niall Alastair Rowantree (SNP), Elizabeth Shuna Saggers (Scottish Conservatives), Sally Semple; Susan Wallace (Scottish Christian Party).


Ward 22 - Fort William and Ardnamurchan

Andrew Phillip Baxter (Independent)

Bren Gormley (SNP)

Thomas MacLennan (Independent)

Brian Murphy (Scottish Labour)

Electorate 8,593

Turn out 41.08%

Not elected – Davie Corrigan (Independent), Alexander Gillespie (Scottish Conservatives), William MacDonald (SNP), Jamie Mackie (Liberal Democrats).


Ward 5 - East Sutherland and Edderton

Deirdre Mackay (Scottish Labour)

Jim McGillivray (Independent)

Graham Phillips (SNP)

Electorate 6,179

Turn out 49.1%

Not elected – Kerensa Carr (Scottish Conservatives), Richard Gale (Independent), Annie Murray (UK Independence Party), Robbie Rowantree (Liberal Democrats).


Ward 1 - North West and Central Sutherland

George Farlow (SNP)

Hugh Morrison (Independent)

Linda Munro (Liberal Democrats)

Electorate 4,913

Turn out 48.91%

Not elected – Mandy Haggith (Scottish Green Party), Neil MacInnes (Independent), Hector MacLennan (Scottish Christian Party), Les Mason (Scottish Conservatives), Russell Taylor (All Scotland Pensioners Party), Jess Thomas (Independent).


Ward 3 - Wick

Bill Fernie (Independent)

Neil MacDonald (Scottish Labour)

Gail Elizabeth Ross (SNP)

Electorate 5,633

Turn out 31%

Not elected – Andrew Sinclair (Scottish Conservatives), Graeme Smith (Independent).



Ward 2 - Thurso

Donnie Mackay (Independent)

John S. Rosie (Independent)

Roger Saxon (Scottish Labour)

Electorate 6,192

Turn out 39.18%

Not elected - Ian Grant; Reg Holder (Scottish Conservatives), Nick Noble (Liberal Democrats), Don Smith (SNP).


Ward 4 - Landward Caithness

David Bremner (Independent)

Robert Coghill

A.I. Willie Mackay

Alex MacLeod (SNP)

Electorate 8,546

Turn out 41.97%

Not elected – David Baron Scottish Labour), John Campbell; Bill Mowat; Richard White (Scottish Conservatives).

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