Published: 19/10/2017 11:00 - Updated: 19/10/2017 10:25

Graffiti artist put his life on the line

Written byIain Ramage


A graffiti artist would have had to access the railway line to make their mark here.

A GRAFFITI artist who has struck at a city railway bridge diced with death, according to an angry Inverness councillor.

While one mystery artist ran amok on the underside and walls of an arched rail bridge at Caulfield Road North in Resaurie, another – or possibly the same person – is believed to have risked life and limb to leave their mark on a separate wall of the structure.

Inverness South councillor Duncan Macpherson was horrified by the mess – and the apparent danger involved.

"Somebody must have gone onto the railway line in order to write part of the graffiti, which is dangerous," he said.

"It’s a double line, so there was double the chance of being hit by a train.

"They’ve written under the bridge which is a busy thoroughfare and walkway. The signature thing is very similar to one I’ve seen on the BT broadband boxes in the area."

Mr Macpherson said there had been a spate of graffiti attacks in recent weeks, including other incidents at Lower Myrtlefield and a bridge at Daviot.

"For many years we’ve been without this and it’s a pity," he said.

The graffiti attack was flagged up online where opinion over it was sharply divided.

On the Inverness Neighbourhood Watch page Pauline Jewett blasted it as "b***** ugly".

She said: "I don’t mind street art but this is awful."

Many others, however, couldn’t see the problem.

Hollie Danielle Cole said: "I walk that way a lot. It’s not like it’s a tourist spot or any kind of attraction spot. We were all young once. Get over it."

And Heidi Soos Creaney said: "Let them cover the whole bridge. Inverness needs to be brightened up a bit. I’ve seen various buildings that would look so much better with a bit of street art on them."

Mr Macpherson acknowledged that some graffiti can be "quite creative" but insisted: "Graffiti drags down an area very quickly. It’s what might follow afterwards."

Rail chiefs were also angry, saying such attacks cost millions of pounds a year to clean up.

A spokesman for Network Rail, which maintains the tracks and associated facilities including bridges, said: "Dealing with trespass and vandalism issues costs the railway millions of pounds each year.

"This unnecessary cost is a massive drain on our resources that could be better spent on activities that would further improve the performance of our network and the service we provide the public.

"In Scotland alone, the railway has to employ the equivalent of six full-time members of staff to continually clean graffiti from the railway and this activity is also incredibly dangerous for the vandals involved who risk falling from our structures or being hit by trains."

Anyone with information that could help track down the spray painter can call police on 101.

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