Published: 21/02/2018 12:01 - Updated: 21/02/2018 11:59

Family fear missing Liam may be suffering from memory loss

Written byNicole Webber


Liam Colgan
Liam Colgan reportedly fell after he went missing on the stag do in Hamburg.

THE family of missing Inverness man Liam Colgan are worried that he may be suffering from amnesia after taking a fall.

The 29-year-old postman disappeared while on his brother’s stag do in Hamburg.

A confirmed sighting of Mr Colgan, of Holm Mills, showed CCTV footage of him trying unsuccessfully to get into a building in the Baumwall area of Hamburg at 2.20am on February 10 before walking towards the Michelwiese Park and then heading towards the so-called Portuguese quarter of the city.

Although his family do not know why or how he got there a witness has reported helping him after seeing him fall.

He had previously not been seen since 1.30am on the same day, when he was said to be heavily intoxicated.

A statement issued today by the family said: “He might have hurt himself, maybe sustained a head injury and could be suffering from memory loss.

“He is probably confused and probably feeling vulnerable and lonely.”

They believe that there must be a reason that he has not tried to make contact.

Various sightings of Mr Colgan have been reported, including one by a baker some 20 miles from where he was last seen.

His disappearance has sparked a large appeal and search by police. Some of his family have also joined the hunt in Hamburg.

His brother Eamonn has no plans to step down the search.

“We don’t have return flights booked but if it is not me that is here then it will be somebody that knows Liam,” he said.

“I am hoping we find him soon and I can take him home with me.”

His family have also made a plea online to stop speculation on what may have happened to him.

A post from the family said: “We are grateful for all the useful tips we are receiving, however speculations regarding Liam’s fate can be extremely painful for the family to read, who obviously follow all social media activities relating to the search for Liam.

“Until Liam is reunited with his family, nobody might actually know what he is going through, where he has been and what led to his disappearance.”

They believe that it is possible that something may have happened to scare him and that he may not be wearing the same clothes he went missing in.

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