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Meet Little Boots

Little Boots
Little Boots

1 How little are your boots? Do you have a thing about shoes or was the name just one of those things?

I am completely obsessed with shoes, but that's not really where the name from. It's the translation of Caligula which is Latin and the name of a Roman emperor who was kind of crazy. My friend saw the film and started calling me it. Not really because I'm a mad despot more cos I'm little and like shoes but it's just one of those things that stuck.

2 I gather that you got through three rounds of Pop Idol when you were much younger. Looking back now, what did you learn from the Pop Idol circus?

To be honest I was hardly in it, I just went for a few auditions when I was a teenager, it must have been half a day of my life if that. People just seem to want to talk about it a lot. But to me it was just an opportunity that I tried and to be honest was probably the best thing that never happened to me.

3 With your earlier band Dead Disco you got to the point where you felt you just wanted to do the songwriting bit rather than the performing. What changed your mind about that?

I wouldn't say I would rather just do songwriting, I was just finding writing as a group difficult and was finding that in turn was restricting performing as we weren't really coming through with new songs to play that we were all happy with. I am very passionate about songwriting. But I think it's really important to keep a balance between it and performing, as that's when you can directly feel a connection with your audience and both feed into each other.

4 You had got some notice last year singing your own songs on Myspace and posting clips of you singing covers on YouTube when you were contacted to appear on Later With... Jools Holland last November. Did that performance prove to be a big deal for your career?

It definitely felt like a defining moment. My mum and dad came and it was a really fun night. There were some great acts on like The Killers and Al Green and it was very nerve-wracking. But it definitely opened up a lot of opportunities to me and exposed me to a bigger audience, so I'm extremely glad I took the plunge so early on and did it.

5 Greg Kurstin, the man who is producing your album, has also just worked on Lily Allen's latest and he's also co-written with Kylie. What is he like to work with and what little Kurstin touches should we listen out for on your album?

Greg is the most talented person I know. He is an incredible musician with a great ear for melodies and a ridiculous pianist. I've actually worked with Greg for some time now. We met about two years ago and he gave me a lot of confidence in my songwriting. If it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't be doing this. I just feel really comfortable writing with him, we are both from a keyboard background and have a bit of dodgy jazz history in there so I think that helps, and we are both big fans of classic electronic music like Kratfwerk. I think everything Greg does is very diverse but always very melodic with really fresh and colourful synth sounds.

6 How hard has it been to do your music on your terms, in a way where you feel you're in charge of your own destiny as far as you can be?

I've never really found that bit to be hard. Everyone I work with really respects my opinions and listens to me. It's very rare anyone has to convince me to do something. I built up a lot of what I do by myself and I think the people around me realise that if that's lost, the project will lose what people connect with. So everyone is very open to my ideas and I stay in control of as much as I can, although it gets harder as things get busier. But that's when it becomes important to have people who you can trust and who understand where you're coming from working with you.

7 You get the chance to spend an hour with one of your biggest female music heroines while you're both in town for a gig. Given the choice, who would it be and what would you want to ask her while you had the chance?

It would probably be Kate Bush, and I'd ask her who Kashka is.

8 Did you get any chance to explore Los Angeles or spot any Hollywood A-listers while you were there?

I've spent a lot of time in LA now so I know my way around. The novelty of Hollywood Boulevard wears off in a day, but there are a lot of cool streets and shops and nice restaurants and quirky bars to discover. I have some great friends there now who've shown me all the good places. Apparently Paris (Hilton) was in the same hotel as me but I didn't really pay any attention. I went out with Perez Hilton, Katy Perry and Mika one night after Katy's show. That was fun.

9 What does a Blackpool lass miss most living in London (and doing all that travelling back and forth to LA)?

I miss my family, my mum is my hero and I miss my brothers and dad and my dogs. I miss the friendliness of northern people and I miss living by the sea. But I love London and wouldn't live anywhere else at least for a few years. I could definitely do without the travelling. I hate flying and have had more burst suitcases this year than in my whole life! From over-packing, obviously.

10 Little Boots v Nessie. What would be your chosen weapon and who's going to win?!

Well I wouldn't really want to hurt a live animal unless it was attacking me. Maybe I'd get one of those siren things that plays high frequencies of sound only animals and small children can hear and apparently it's so piercing it drives you mad... or maybe Scouting For Girls would have the same effect?! I think if I used their last album I'd definitely win.

* If you want to see Little Boots at Hootanannys, Inverness, tomorrow (Friday), get there early it's going to be busy!

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