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Salmond packs them in

FORMER First Minister Alex Salmond was at Waterstones for a book-signing in the Eastgate Centre  last Sunday afternoon. An hour after he’d begun there was still a queue of around 150 people waiting to meet him.

This was no smile,  scribble-an-autograph and move- along affair. Mr Salmond was installed in an area above the main store and progress in his direction was slow. That’s because of the length of time he  spent chatting with people, having his picture taking with many, on request, and generally joining in enthusiastically in trying to make them feel their trip had been worthwhile. And, given the cheery, smiling demeanour of people as they left, he succeeded.

Of course that’s as it should be. They’d bought his book, after all, and he’s still a politician seeking public approval. But he expended energy as the welcoming host in this meet-and-greet event.

Whatever sceptics and critics may think of him - and I'm in that category - Alex Salmond generated enthusiasm and excitement last Sunday afternoon. Nothing of note has happened in the moribund Inverness constituency campaign over the past seven days. But nationally it seems the SNP are on an unstoppable roll, and Alex Salmond's Eastgate Centre showcase was yet more evidence of that.

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