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Catching up on closing times

INVERNESS pubs and clubs for most of December and early January will be able to stay open until 4am under licensing extensions covering a prolonged festive season. They’ll have to apply for permission, but that should just be a formality. By the time premises have been emptied and revellers have started drifting away, they’ll be meeting early starters on their way to work.

This isn’t all-night opening but it’s not far short of it. There was a time when there would have been protests over excessive and anti-social drinking hours but most people have probably accepted – some reluctantly, some with resignation – that it’s now deemed part of the “modern culture” of the city of Inverness. Surely buried for ever are claims that the Highland Capital is failing to be as “enlightened” as other cities when it comes licensing, drinking, and entertainment. For better or worse, we’ve certainly caught up with everyone else on that score.

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