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5p bag is no bargain

THERE can be no good reasons to quibble with the new 5p charge for carrier bags if it prevents them from being strewn around and polluting the environment. But to mark the change, surely supermarkets should have tried to come with with better bags.

The transparent version provided by some stores seems flimsy and feels like it’s a ripping, tearing accident waiting to happen. If I carry anything heavier  than a cornflakes packet in one I’m waiting for it to disgorge the contents over the car park.

Staff at my local store who were always offering to “double-up” these bags openly expressed their misgivings about them.  Lidl’s cheapest carrier bag by contrast feels much more solid and robust.

If we’re having to pay for these bags now it’s not asking too much to request carriers that we can use with confidence. And these transparent offerings inspire little or none in some of us.

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