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Futile ban at Raigmore Hospital

AN NHS ban on smoking in Raigmore Hospital car park was futile and unenforceable when it was introduced. Now, following this sanction, health chiefs have gone even further and are banning smoking in cars in the Raigmore car park.

It’s perhaps understandable that they don’t want to see cluster of smokers gathered outside main entrances to the hospital, although these puffers would have included patients desperate for a fag at a time of great worry and stress.

But to extend the ban to an open air location well away from the hospital seemed pointless. And the move to try and prevent people lighting up in their own cars is an even emptier gesture.

Through this ban, which covers NHS property across the Highlands, health bosses believe they are seen to be “setting an example”. What’s the point of that if no one pays any attention?

I don’t blame the NHS hierarchy for casting around for ways to “set an example” and suchlike. They no doubt have good intentions. But trying to tell people that they can’t light a cigarette in their vehicles at Raigmore car park is just a meddlesome waste of time.

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