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Drink limit cut forces landmark to close

THE Brockies Lodge Hotel in Kiltarlity is the most prominent casualty so far of the lowering of the drink drive limit.

It has been a welcoming landmark in the area for decades.

The owner, James Paterson, said his takings had plummeted since the new limit was introduced “and it has not been a slope – it has been off a cliff”.

Clubs and pubs in Inverness come and go and often no one much notices, but rural hotels and hostelries are an integral part of the local community. And closures like Brockies Lodge rips part of the heart out of the community.

There will be those who insist that if one life is saved its immaterial how many hotels and pubs go to the wall. But with 14 precious jobs lost and people in the Kiltarlity area left without an hotel through uncertainty about the lower limit, that  view will leave a bad taste in rural communities which have to face the consequences of the new law.

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