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Tackling ant-social behaviour scourge

A NEW “task force” led by the police and backed up by other agencies has been tackling the perennial scourge of low-level anti-social behaviour. The standard term used for this may be “low-level” but the misery it can cause to victims affected goes right off the scale.

Chief Inspector Jenny MacDonald, who set up the scheme, told the Highland News: “It is making a difference. It’s all about making Inverness a better place to live for residents here. If we can nip things in the bud we can make things a lot better for the victims in this.”

Many people have had to suffer the torment of noisy, obstreperous and threatening neighbours, and vandals and hooligans whose identity is known in their localities. Some have believed if they complained the authorities would pass the buck and the response would be ineffectual.

The fact that a senior police officer is now in daily charge of co-ordinating, with other public agencies, tactics and potential action  against the scumbags who cause so much distress to others is encouraging.

If Ms MacDonald and her team pursue this hugely worthwhile initiative with the determination and aggression it deserves there are many people in the Highland Capital who, quite literally, could be relieved of stress and fear, and be able to sleep easier in their beds at night.

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