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Caley Thistle's cup heroics

WITH around a quarter of the population of Inverness at Hampden and many of those who remained at home glued to their televisions, I’m told the streets of Inverness were eerily empty on Saturday afternoon. It was visual evidence – if any was needed – that Caley Thistle’s Scottish Cup Final heroics really did have a massive impact on the Highland Capital.

Twenty four hours later the same streets were thronged with flag draped fans after the jubilant celebrations at the trophy parade.

Will the club’s magnificent achievement translate into the next target of attracting more supporters to the stadium on a regular basis? That’s what the TV and  radio pundits were asking, and who can say? There have been false dawns on that front before.

Caley Thistle’s historic victory may provide a breakthrough in hoisting attendances, even marginally. The weekend’s triumph and euphoria broke new ground in encouraging people to turn up at their home games. In terms of doing themselves, the fans and the city proud, Caley Thistle can do no more.

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