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Parking permit price puzzler

WHEN parking permits were introduced in Inverness the cost, I’m fairly certain, was £10 for a resident and £5 for a visitor.

That was a few years ago, but since then charges have soared.

The council is now extracting £50 for a resident’s permit and, it appears, another £50 for a visitor’s permit. This has gone from being a modest charge that few would have minded paying to another source of lucrative taxation hitting the average householder hard.

Letters have been issued across Inverness indicating that the permit fee has now risen from £40 to £50. There is not a word of explanation as to why this increase is considered necessary. It is simply a diktat ordering people to pay more.

What are the chances that in two or three years time the cost for a parking permit will have risen to £100? Councillors and officials seem  to feel they have the freedom in such situations to charge whatever they like. It’s an absolute certainty  they won’t stop at a fifty quid parking imposition on people who already pay exorbitant amounts in council tax. They’re very big on the need for “consultation” with the public – but too often they only listen when it suits them. 

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